With Ice Please

Flowers in ice cubes are simply breathtaking and they'll transform any drink into a masterpiece everyone will adore!
By Market Magazine
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Lucky us! There is an enormous amount of edible flowers and leaves available for us to use. Check online to see how many exquisite varieties there are to inspire you. But always check they are safe to eat and without pesticides before serving them!

How to make flowers in ice cubes

  • Choose ice cube trays in shapes you fancy including hearts, stars, circles, squares and more.
  • Boil water first. This ensures ice water is clear. Tap water can be cloudy, although you might like the cloudy look.
  • Pick flowers when they are at their absolute peak of freshness.
  • Taste them to ensure the flavour will match the drinks you are using them in.
  • Fill ice cube tray halfway with water.
  • Add flowers and arrange to fit artistically and comfortably within. You can leave some of the flower exposed beyond the freeze line if you choose.
  • Place a few drops of water on top of the flowers to keep them in place.
  • Freeze for about 24 hours.
  • Remove ice tray from freezer, fill to the top with water, and refreeze
Go crazy with mixing flowers, colours and shapes
You can add several varieties to your cubes, including leaves, to create a pretty blend.
Transform buckets into works of art with blooms in cubes floating on the top.
Go full and fabulous by filling ice cubes to the max with big blousy blooms, so they take creative control of your glasses. 

Market tip...

Harris Farm Markets sell packets of edible flowers – so gorgeous creativity is right at your fingertips!

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