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By Roger Fox

At a time of peak interest in backyard food production and regenerative farming, this new book is right on point.

Soil: The incredible story of what keeps the earth, and us, healthy is by farmer and food activist Matthew Evans, who argues the case for a greater understanding of this precious resource – before it’s too late. 

An intriguing exploration of the intricate life beneath our feet, it’s a must-read for the home composter, community gardener, regenerative farmer, environmental activist and anyone who cares about the future of our planet.

Published by Murdoch Books, RRP$32.99 

With gardens shrinking and more people living in apartments, this book is a timely look at home food growing from a potted perspective. And the good news is, there are a lot of edibles – both vegies and fruit – that can be grown in containers in compact spaces.

Yates Top 50 Edible Plants For Pots, written by horticulturist Angie Thomas, roams through all the best choices, from salad greens to compact tomatoes, easy root vegetables, citrus trees and lots more, explaining the growing process and offering plenty of photographic inspiration. It’s all about creating a ‘patio-to-plate’ experience. 

Published by Harper Collins, RRP$35 

This inspirational book is more than another ‘tree change’ story. In Futuresteading, Jade Miles sets out her philosophy for living in a way that’s healthier for you and the environment, whether you live in the inner city, the suburbs or on acreage. Her own home is a heritage orchard and berry farm in northern Victoria, where she and her family have developed a regenerative lifestyle for which they coined the term ‘futuresteading’ – a simpler way of existing that’s healthier for you and the planet.

Beautifully photographed, it’s filled with highly practical information, which covers plants and gardening, seasonal produce, recipes and DIY projects – all accompanied by wisdom gleaned from years of lived experience.

Published by Murdoch Books, RRP$39.99

As our love affair with indoor gardening rolls on, here’s an inspirational guide to growing beautiful house plants to transform your interior spaces. In Green Thumb, Craig Miller-Randle shares his 40+ years of experience as an indoor plant grower, designer and stylist. There’s information on choosing the right container, propagating, watering, feeding, making your own potting mix, pest control and, of course, getting the placement just right.

The photography is truly lush, as you’d expect, and the book includes a handy A-Z guide to indoor plant species, along with well-illustrated step-by-step projects. According to Craig’s philosophy, no-one is born with a green thumb, but anyone can grow one – you just need the right guidance.

Published by Plum/Pan Macmillan Australia, RRP$44.99

In the spirit of vicarious travel, Off The Garden Path: Green Wonders Of The World is a beautifully illustrated new tome by photographer and writer Daniel Austin, which he describes as a ‘celebration of photography, plants and people’. It’s a botanical tour that travels from remote tribal villages to the world’s most populous cities and, while some of the gardens are iconic, others are off the beaten track.

From the crumbling ruins of Petra in Jordan, to Indonesia’s Bogor Botanic Gardens and the Jerusalem Botanic Gardens in Israel, there are plenty of less-travelled sites to inspire garden-loving readers. At some stage unfettered global touring will return – but, in the meantime, this virtual tour offers an engaging substitute.

Published by Beyond Green Australia, RRP $54.99

In continuous print since its first edition in 1895, the Yates Garden Guide has quite a pedigree when it comes to informing Australian gardeners.

This latest edition takes it to the next generation of garden lovers, with revised and updated sections on topics like water-saving gardens, growing indoor plants, community gardens, beneficial birds and insects, kitchen gardens and even keeping chooks. It’s not all about big backyards – there’s a focus on small-space gardening, too. And, with strata living on the rise, that provides for a whole new audience.

Published by HarperCollins, RRP $35

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