We’re In Love With The Crazies!

So it’s perfect you want? Well, time to think again. Because when you choose the crazies, the imperfect picks of fruit and vegies, Mother Nature smiles down on you with a great big thank you!
By Market Magazine

You’re helping our growers

If you go imperfect who benefits as well as the planet? The farmers! Apart from being financially rewarded, they don’t have to throw their much-loved harvests to landfill. They can celebrate their seasons and their livelihood, for what otherwise would be tossed. And you’re helping them, to keep it ‘all at home’.
Big tick to you!

You’re helping the environment

Mother Nature’s gratitude comes from the good you are doing the planet when you buy imperfect picks. Under normal circumstances, if these crazy-shaped potatoes, gnarly carrots, bigger zucchinis, twisted parsnips, freckled mangoes and lots more imperfects, were not recognised for their inner great taste beyond their outer questionable looks, they would end up as waste! These Cinderellas would become vast amounts of landfill. But by you recognising their goodness, imperfect picks create healthy consumption versus unforgiveable waste. That mindless tossing is reduced.

And you matter, too

Your shopping, cooking and eating experiences are of primary consideration, too. So to ensure goodness and value are always at peak for you, imperfect picks of fruit and vegies are taste-tested by the experts to guarantee delicious flavours are not compromised at all. So your tastebuds are treated to excellence. Quality is checked and checked so all produce is perfectly good for you! 

So what do you think?

You’re loving them. The demand for imperfect picks grows and grows and has become a signature line of product in the markets. So the crazies are becoming your favourites. Next time you pick up a skinny eggplant or dotted lemon just remember, you’re helping the planet, the farmers, and enjoying great flavour at an even greater price. All for goodness sake. Well done you and enjoy!

Read this...

  • Imperfect Picks do really reduce waste. 25% of crops never leave the farm simply because they’re a bit ugly not meeting the visual requirements of some consumers and supermarkets. But when you buy imperfect picks you’re reducing this number.
  • Imperfect Picks are sold loose and priced by the kilo which is really cool when, for example, mangoes or avos are in the lineup, as they are normally priced individually.
  • Imperfect picks can change from week to week giving you a feast of choice.
  • Imperfect picks of course, work just as well in your recipes.
  • Imperfect Picks save you up to 50%. And as well, we all save over 27 million kg weekly from being landfill.

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