Things To Do In Your Garden in Autumn

Our autumn tips for planting, growing and nurturing your garden
By Roger Fox
Photography Darren Carroll @Unsplash

1. Pretty sasanqua

camellias are coming into bloom, so now is a perfect time to head to the nursery and choose a few favourites. Pastel tones abound, along with vivid red and cerise shades.

2. It’s time to give

your lawn an autumn feeding, to get it in peak shape before the winter months arrive (it’ll also help to keep invasive weeds out). Use an organic-based granular fertiliser and water in well. If the ground is compacted, aerate the area first using a garden fork.

3. Plan ahead

for late winter and early spring colour, by planting seedlings of primula and Iceland poppies in pots or garden beds.

4. Collect vegetable seeds

from your favourite plants, such as beans, tomatoes, pumpkin, cucumbers and corn, for sowing next season. Allow seeds to dry out before storing them in an envelope or airtight jar, and keeping in a dry environment.

5. Keep a watch

for fungal diseases on foliage after rain – dark spots or white powdery deposits are telltale signs. Remove the worst affected leaves and spray with an organic-based fungicide.

6. Rake up deciduous

leaves as they start to fall and add them to the compost bin. They will break down into a great soil improver.

7. Lightly prune

and feed rose plants in early autumn, to encourage another few months of flowering.

8. Give your garden

an instant colour boost with some of the new-season pansies and violas appearing in nurseries right now. In mild climates, they’ll bloom right through autumn, winter and early spring.

9. Treat the whole

garden to an autumn feeding with an organic-based food, such as one of the pelletised manure products.

10. Use the autumn

season to plant new trees and shrubs. The cooler temperatures and periodic rainfall provide near-perfect conditions for plants to become established.

11. Buy cold-loving

bulbs like tulips and hyacinths early in the autumn, then store them in the fridge crisper for six weeks before planting out.

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