Sailing beyond your dreams

By Caroline Smith

6 reasons to choose a cruise vacation

The stats are in! Embarking on a cruise is an unparalleled travel experience that offers a harmonious blend of relaxation, exploration and enrichment, as more and more people are discovering. If you’re still undecided, count to six reasons and without doubt you’ll be planning your next journey at sea and on the rivers.

One of the most alluring aspects of a cruise vacation is the convenience of
unpacking just once while exploring
multiple fascinating destinations. Once
onboard, there’s no risk of losing your
luggage between connecting flights or
unpacking at multiple hotels. Your cruise ship serves as your luxurious floating home, transporting you to an exciting new locale each day while you unwind, slow down and enjoy the journey. Imagine waking up to breath-taking ocean views or the banks of a beautiful river one morning and discovering charming cobblestone streets in a historic port town the next, all without lifting a finger to repack and relocate. The ease (and delight) of unpacking once and letting the world come to you is a true luxury that only cruising can provide


Cruises offer an unparalleled opportunity to experience a diverse variety of destinations in a single journey with ease. Whether you dream of strolling through ancient ruins in Athens, snorkelling in crystal-clear Caribbean waters or admiring the awe-inspiring glaciers of Alaska, a cruise grants you access to a range of destinations that would be a challenge to explore through any other means of travel. As your floating hotel takes you from one captivating port or river stop to another you’ll witness a medley of landscapes and experience different cultures and adventures – or enjoy the mindful relaxation of sea days, bringing something new each day.

3. ENDLESS ENTERTAINMENT Cruise ships are renowned for their dazzling array of world-class entertainment that caters to a broad spectrum of tastes and interests. From Broadway-style theatre and shows to live music performances, nightclubs, comedy and even outdoor movie screenings under a starlit canopy, there’s never a dull moment onboard, and no need to consider transport to your entertainment. Be entertained by world class performers, dance the night away, or simply unwind in one of many private and cosy lounge areas with a captivating book accompanied only by the soothing sounds of the ocean or river. With entertainment that ranges from grand spectacles to quiet corners of relaxation, a cruise ensures there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Modern cruise ships aren’t just vessels for leisure; they are floating universities of exploration and enrichment. Myriad opportunities await onboard for those seeking to expand their horizons. Engage in thought-provoking lectures by experts in various fields, attend workshops on topics ranging from history and art to cooking and wellness, or challenge your intellect (and make new friends) with trivia and puzzle games. Delve into photography, learn about the native wildlife from naturalists or participate in culinary classes led by master chefs; or perhaps do all three! If you’re eager to learn more about the world as you travel, a cruise is the perfect opportunity to embrace personal growth or learn a new skill en route to your next destination.

Cruising isn’t just about exploring destinations; it’s also a culinary
journey that will tantalise your taste buds. Modern cruise ships boast an impressive array of dining options, from elegant fine dining and specialty restaurants to casual eateries serving flavours from around the globe. Indulge in exquisite gourmet meals prepared by award-winning chefs, sample the cuisine of your destination before you arrive and savour local delicacies at port stops. Enjoy a relaxed evening by the pool with a sumptuous buffet or your favourite snacks and cocktails. Offering a wide range of culinary experiences available any time you choose, a cruise promises to satisfy even the most discerning palate. So, why settle for a conventional vacation when you can embark on a cruise and sail into a realm of endless possibilities?

6. CRUISE ANY STYLE, ANY SIZE Your choice of cruise vessels is beyond exciting. Sail on the broad and wonderful range of large ocean ships, or experience upscale luxury on quaint boutique ships. Expedition cruises specialise in adventure, while yachts, sailing and small ships offer intimate numbers. Multihull catamarans and trimarans are for smaller intrepid voyaging. And of course, there are endless superb river cruises. From vast ocean liners to nimble expedition ships, the variety of vessels and destinations ensures an option for every traveller’s taste and style – just check for yours.

Count on pure joy – come cruising!

With unwavering commitment to guest satisfaction, cruise ships have completely upturned the five most common issues to ensure travellers have a supreme experience.

The fear of being ‘stuck’ onboard with nothing to do is a misconception many travellers share. Today’s cruise ships are floating entertainment venues offering a schedule jam-packed with activities for all ages and interests. Whether you want to learn a new skill, relax poolside or dance the night away, you’ll find activities to keep you entertained from morning until the wee hours. From Broadway-style shows and music performances to gyms, spas and fitness classes, art and craft workshops and educational talks, there’s a constant supply of engaging options.

Queries about dining options and thoughts of crowded buffets interrupt some travellers from considering cruise vacations. However, the culinary offerings on modern cruise ships have evolved significantly and cruise lines are serious players in the dining stakes. With specialty restaurants, international cuisines and even celebrity chef partnerships, the dining experience onboard now rivals that of top-tier land-based establishments and holiday options. Most dietary restrictions and food preferences are accommodated with creativity, ensuring every guest has a satisfying culinary experience.

The notion of voyaging on a ship with thousands of other passengers can make some travellers anxious about their privacy and personal space. Modern cruise ships are now designed to offer a wide range of accommodation and leisure areas. Thanks to a variety of cabin options, you can choose the level of space and privacy that best suits you. Outside your cabin, cruise ships are carefully designed with well-planned, roomy public spaces, restaurants and dining rooms, numerous lounges, quiet corners and expansive decks, allowing you to find solitude whenever you desire. A cruise vacation often offers the most flexibility to tailor your experience to your need for privacy and comfort.

Over-tourism is indeed queried in many parts of the globe. But the issue is being successfully addressed. Some travellers fear once they arrive at a busy port, crowded tours and over-loved cities will limit their ability to truly enjoy the destination. So cruise lines today offer a variety of bespoke excursions that cater to different preferences, allowing you to explore at your pace and select an experience that suits you, from guided tours to independent adventures. Many cruise line itineraries now include less-frequented ports, giving you the chance to discover these more secluded destinations and engage in authentic local culture without the crowds. With planning and research you can avoid the crowds and enjoy sustainable travel.

Worrying about motion sickness is a common concern, especially for those who are new to cruising. But modern ships are now designed with advanced stabilisers to minimise the feeling of motion and ensure smooth sailing. The expansive size of many of the newer ships means you’re likely to spend a good amount of time in calm waters, thus you can adapt to gentle rhythms of the sea. For those still concerned, medical facilities onboard are well-equipped to address any discomfort, allowing you to enjoy your voyage worry-free. So feel confident about everything – go cruising and explore the world in absolute comfort and pure pleasure.

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