Harris Farm has teamed up with a very special group of producers. They call them their Regen Partners, farms that practise ‘regenerative agriculture’. Welcome to successful high-welfare beef suppliers, Provenir
By Market Magazine

Provenir’s production philosophy is totally groundbreaking. It sounds simple but instead of trucking cattle to the abattoir, the abattoir is trucked to the cattle, so that the animals are processed on-farm where they were raised. And that, in tandem with regenerative farming practices, makes a huge difference to the end product.

Staying at home matters

When meat is ethically grown and harvested, there’s a pay-off in quality and consistency. That’s because when cattle get transported to an abattoir, often over vast distances in harsh conditions, they experience increased stress levels, which in turn create a chemical chain reaction that compromises meat quality, taste and tenderness. All of this is avoidable, simply by taking the abattoir to the farm.

Founded in 2017, Provenir was developed by scientist-turned-beef-farmer Chris Balazs, and four like-minded co-founders.

“We’ve essentially created a network of farmers who practise regenerative agriculture and uphold animal welfare to the highest standards,” he says. “Our regenerative farmers produce premium-quality beef by providing a low-stress environment and now, for the first time, Provenir enables the farmer to control the welfare of their animals at all times. Think of us as your conscientious meat choice.”

Provenir uses regen practices and the knowledge of farmers, vets and scientists so your meet is about as good as it gets for all the right reasons – happy cows, quality produce and kindness to the planet.

And you can have a say

Provenir goes one step further to connect with consumers who care about how their food is produced. A unique QR code, printed on each pack, allows you to authenticate the provenance of your purchase and meet the farmers who raise your beef – how’s that for a farm-to-table loop?

Care for the planet 

Converting to regenerative farming 10 years ago, Chris has used no synthetic fertilisers, herbicides or pesticides since. And despite no longer directly seeding his paddocks, the land grows more grass than ever before. And more good news: farmers can help counter climate change by adopting regen land management – a process called carbon sequestration. 

What people don’t realise is that grass-fed beef and lamb, when done correctly, can make a positive effect on the amount of carbon in the atmosphere. Regenerative farming sequesters the carbon from the atmosphere and brings it back into the soil, making it softer and more productive. Australia could really be a significant player in supporting regen farming globally.

For consumers who care where their food comes from, Provenir represents the next level of ethical production, that supports positive environmental outcomes. 

Provenir works with regenerative farmers of happy cattle, who keep them grass-fed on pastures, hay or silage, with clean water, shelter and shade. They don’t do hormones, antibiotics or intensive feedlots. Cheers for Provenir!

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