New Year Skin Saviours

How to restore your inner glow after all the fun and festivities of the silly season
By Adriana Donnola

After the truly lovely indulgences of the recent festive season, the New Year seems like a perfect time to hit the ‘reset’ button, knowing that a more healthy eating plan will deliver results. Cutting out processed foods and loading up on seasonal whole foods is going to support your smoother, fresher-looking skin goals, stat. 

While nothing gets rid of that pesky skin situation cellulite – we’ve tried all those ‘magic’ creams – eating more dimple-fighting foods and using a DIY body scrub, made from coffee granules, will improve the overall look and feel of your skin. 

Cellulite is very common, affects around 85 per cent of women, and is caused most likely by hormonal alterations to the layer of fat just beneath the skin, known as subcutaneous fat. It actually affects bodies of all shapes and sizes – you’re absolutely not alone! 

What to eat (that’s in season)

Load up on foods rich in free radical-busting vitamin C, which helps boost collagen production, a protein that strengthens, smoothes and plumps out the skin. Think oranges, lemons, grapefruits, finger limes (they have three times the vitamin C content of mandarins – just substitute where you would use a lemon or lime), broccoli, kale, spinach and capsicums. 

Also, you want to eat a lot of fibre to flush out toxins, which slow down circulation, so load up on delicious Tasmanian cherries, mangoes, asparagus, avocados and silverbeet.

Did you know?

You’ve probably noticed the influx of coffee-based body scrubs on shelves and it’s with good reason – they work! But it’s easy, cost-effective and more sustainable to make your own from leftover coffee grounds if you’re making a brew each morning. It’s win-win!

Why it works

Caffeine stimulates blood flow to the area and works as a diuretic, reducing the look of dimply skin. The sugar acts as a skin-brightening exfoliant, removing dead skin cells, which usually sloth off naturally when you’re young but slow down as we age. The coconut oil softens and hydrates, and can also reduce the look of scars over time thanks to its high content of fatty acid.

An easy DIY body scrub

  • ½ cup used (and cooled) coffee granules
  • ½ cup white sugar
  • ¼ cup coconut oil, room temperature, in a liquid state (so it combines but doesn’t melt the sugar)

Stir mixture and combine well before pouring in a clean jar and storing in the fridge. When next in the shower, massage the scrub onto thighs and butt in a circular motion, leaving it on for about five minutes before rinsing off. Use at least once a week.

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