Mulloon Creek Eggs

Meet a trailblazer in the regenerative agriculture world, operating both a productive farm and demo site – it's win, win, win with every egg!
By Market Magazine

Uniquely farmed – that’s the way Mulloon Creek Natural Farms like to describe their eggs. Located near Bungendore, in the Southern Tablelands of NSW, the lush biodynamic pastures provide the hens with a bucolic life of scratching and foraging, at a density of just 250 birds per hectare – that’s 40 times the room to roam of the free-range standard! No chemical sprays, hormones or antibiotics are used on the farm, and there is no beak trimming, declawing or wing clipping. It all adds up to very contented birds and an amazing end product for customers, according to Tony Booth, the sales and marketing manager.

“All eggs are nutritious but not all eggs are created equal,” he says. “Our eggs are the first and only eggs in Australia to be verified regenerative, from certified biodynamic pastures, and they’re also Humane Choice accredited.”

And the flavour? “Off the charts fresh and tasty,” Tony says.

It makes sense that chooks who lead happy, unstressed lives in a natural habitat will yield the best produce. And the eggs speak for themselves, testing higher in Omega-3 content and minerals, and winning many awards at the shows.

Producing the ultimate eggs

The hens are moved from field to field in open-bottomed mobile chook houses and have 24-hour guards of specially trained Maremma dogs (a breed of guardian dog from Italy). Beyond Organic pastured eggs are extremely labour intensive and expensive to produce. “But we believe that if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing properly,” Tony says.

Sharing their knowledge

Alongside the farm is the Mulloon Institute, an educator and advocate, helping to bring regen farming knowledge to more farmers. Supported by money raised from egg sales, it’s a registered charity recognised by the UN for research, education, training and projects, focused on regenerative agriculture, landscape rehydration, biodiversity and soil health. Big congrats, Mulloon!

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