Make My Dahlia

Arranging flowers is one of the joys of life. And right now dahlias – and chrysanthemums – are at their best. Take inspiration from these arrangements
By Market Magazine

With their bright and showy blooms, dahlias are in season from late summer through autumn and make fabulous cut flowers. It’s a case of choosing your favourite colour – they range from lustrous reds and brilliant yellows, through to soft apricot, pastel pink, white and many more, including a number of bi-colours.

And then there are the many flower forms, which range from daisy-like singles, through to big blowsy double blooms as well as the narrow-petalled cactus dahlias. With their sturdy stems, they’re easy to arrange and offer good vase life. So let’s get going!

Bundle them, tie up, or display with only a few stems and join with other blooms and greenery for stunning effects.

Florist's tips

  • For longest life for arrangements use flower food, keep out of direct sunlight, away from fruit and with clean water.
  • For sometime interesting arrangements, use containers that are not usually vases.
  • When tying bouquets, try ribbon, string, braids, torn fabrics, sewing basket bits.

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