Loving Flowers

If you want to say, ‘I love you’, ‘Thank you’, ‘Congratulations’, ‘Sorry’ , ‘Happy birthday’, ‘You’re wonderful’ and lots more – give them flowers!
By Market Magazine

There’s not much that delights a person more than being given a bunch of flowers. And whether it be big or small, luxe or simple, pale or dazzling, the pleasure of the floral gift comes with a raft of messages of care. What could be nicer?

Steps to arranging your bunch 


Lay out your blooms to enable ease of choice. Then begin to arrange them in your hand.


Add flowers, turn, add more blooms, turn, ensuring balance of size and colour as you go.


When you’re happy, border with lacy fern-like leaves to add a lovely finishing touch. 


Ensure the neck of your bunch is secure and ready for tying. Then trim stems evenly. 


Hold at neck as you wrap several lengths of twine neatly around. Then tie in a bow. 


You can give as a bunch or loosen the twine a little and arrange in a vase. Gorgeous!

And don’t forget the littlies

While you are creating captivating arrangements, don’t miss the small leaves and buds that often fall off during prep. Put them in their own little posy or vase and partner with their bunches – or star them on their own. Diminutively delightful!

For you to know...


You can arrange with a colour scheme, one statement shade, or go colour crazy and – loving this – they all look fabulous!

Just a reminder

Prolong the life of flowers by adding a little sugar to the water.

In the bouquet

  • Disbud Chrysanthemum
  • Roses
  • Dahlias
  • David Austin Roses
  • Sedum
  • Celosia
  • After Dark foliage

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