Let’s Hear It For Regenerative Farming

Regenerative farming is helping our planet shine brighter and is part of the climate change solution
By Market Magazine

Known as ‘regen’ farming, it’s all about the soil – by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, it creates a positive impact on our beautiful planet. In a nutshell, regen farming returns CO2 back into the dirt where it belongs, resulting in fabulous tasting food – the type that pops in your mouth when you bite into a crisp apple or crunch a green bean.  

Dishing the dirt on regen farming

Regen farming works with nature, not against her. We owe our existence to a thin layer of topsoil and rain – so we need to treasure our dirt. Forget pesky pesticides or anything unnatural – regen farming grows nutrient-rich, fresh harvests and nurtures the soil and the farmer.

What’s so good about regen?

Regen produce tastes different to that grown by traditional farming. The superior taste and quality come from the lovely rich nutrients and the tiniest diverse microbiology in the soil. Magic happens along the way from paddock to plate and our bodies are better for it every day.

Spot the label

More than 130 regen products are now available in HFM stores and online. Even better news, the number will double by the end of December, and again by the end of 2022.

It’s all in the soil 

Harris Farm Markets is pioneering the way in the Australian food retail industry working with regen farmers. Their All In The Soil campaign promotes the benefits of regen agriculture and having a positive impact on climate change. 

More regen champs

Harris Farm Markets Regen Ambassador and crusader Charlie Arnott has no pesticides, herbicides or man-made fertilisers on his NSW property. It is all about organic, biodynamic and holistic grazing principles for his beef, lamb and pig production. He’s busy building regen partnerships, verifying supplier claims and shaping strategies for Harris Farm Markets. 

Another champ is HFM’s Sustainability Lead, Courtney McGregor, who supports healthier soils leading to a healthier life for all including its impact on climate change.

Well done you!

So gather your ‘I’m Regen’ labelled products, eggs, cheese, yoghurt, fresh fruit, vegies and wines and head home knowing you are contributing to the future of this glorious planet with better outcomes for our farmers, land, ocean and air.

Healthy soil = healthy food + healthy you + healthy planet + healthy farming future

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