I Love It When You Bring Me Flowers

Look what winter delivers to surprise and delight you – indeed it’s just for you to turn the season’s blooms into warming heart stoppers in your home
By Market Magazine
Photographer Bonnie Coumbe • Florist Birdy Noppathed, from Lindfield Harris Farm Markets

Big is so beautiful

Gather big Aussie natives and their friends and ‘crowd’ into a clear vase. Marry in pops of colour, show-off shapes and pretty leaves. Note how vase is decorated inside at the base. Gorgeous!

  • Banksia
  • Blushing bride
  • Dracaena leaf
  • Dried Lotus leaf
  • Gum large
  • Leuc green
  • Magnolia leaf
  • Nandina
  • Protea
  • Sea holly
  • Thryptomene Hexandra

How to wind and wrap

You will need clippers, paper, string, tape and talent! 

Set out your blooms but keep varieties together to easily select stems as you arrange.
Begin by holding several main blooms in your hand, then wind and cross stems going round.
Keep winding and crossing stems, adding big and small blooms as you go.
Once your bunch is the size and style your want, hold and clip stems vase-length.
Then hold bunch firmly and wrap string around and around under blooms then tie.
Shape and firm stems to place in vase. Then work and add blooms to ensure balance.
Add more blooms and leaves if you choose and lay out your arrangement ready to wrap.
Take two sheets of paper and slide around so corners are at angles to each other.
Place bunch in centre, bring paper up, over and around, turn under slightly and tape. Just below blooms, wrap with string several times, add decorative leaf and tie. 

Softly, softly

Gather lots of smallish blooms and budlike heads, in pastel hues. Then wind stems together in oversized-posy style, and you’ll pack a punch by being just simply beautiful.

  • Blushing bride
  • Erlicheer
  • Freesia
  • Gum large
  • Ivy berry
  • Poppy
  • Spray rose
  • Sweet William

One at a time allows them to star as they so deserve

You’ll always have  blooms or leaves left over, so take the opportunity to give them a show of their own. Just put them in all different small vases and display them in a group.

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