How To Choose An Avocado

Find out how to choose an avocado correctly using the Ripe Button®
By Market Magazine

Robert and Treena from GreenSkin® Avocados are on a crusade to make it simple to choose, ripen and store their avocados. “Nature has its own built-in ripeness indicator at the stem-end of the avocado – we lovingly call it the Ripe Button®. And the only way to choose an avocado correctly is to use the Ripe Button®”.

Regardless of variety, cradle the avocado in the palm of your hand and gently press around the Ripe Button® with your thumb.

When the Ripe Button® has no give, the avocado is HARD RIPE. It will need to ripen at room temperature in a bowl for two-to-three days.

(TIP: place in a paper bag with a banana to speed up the process.)

When the Ripe Button® is soft to touch, the avocado is SOFT RIPE. Soft Ripe avocados are great for spreading or dipping and are ready to enjoy immediately, or put them in the fridge until you’re ready.

When the Ripe Button® gives a little and still has spring, the avocado is FIRM RIPE. Firm Ripe avocados are great for slicing or dicing or, if you prefer them riper, give them a day or two on the kitchen bench until they’re to your liking.

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