Grow Cherry Tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes are the beginner’s way in to vegie growing. They produce masses of fruit all summer, and need only a minimum of input from you; great if you’re a time-poor gardener
By Roger Fox

Pots and baskets

Cherry tomato varieties are tailor-made for containers – pots, troughs and baskets – as long as they’re positioned in an open sunny spot. Plant one seedling per pot or basket (30-40cm diameter) and space seedlings about 30cm apart in troughs. Hanging baskets are a handy option, as the fruiting stems cascade down, making them easy to harvest. Just remember that baskets dry out quite quickly, so extra watering vigilance is required during hot summer weather. There’s quite a range of cherry tomato varieties available, but if your space is limited, opt for the most compact types such as ‘Tiny Tim’, which grows only to around 30-40cm high.


Sunshine, food and water are the recipe for tomato-growing success. Position containers in the sunniest spot available and, at planting, apply a slow-release fertiliser that is formulated for tomatoes (or for fruiting plants). Water them regularly – weekly when plants are small, increasing to 2-3 times a week when they’re carrying a crop.

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