Delcado Avocados

Grown in WA's picturesque Pemberton region, Delcado avocados hang on trees for twice as long as other varieties. It's this laid-back pace that has sealed their reputation for a uniquely rich and nutty flavour
By Market Magazine

Set amongst the giant Karri trees, Delcado avos are bathed in sunlight throughout the summer and drenched in nearly two metres of rain in winter. This idyllic place grows some of the best avocados in the world, with fruit here taking its sweet time to develop their beautiful creamy, rich, nutty flavours we all love so much. For more than 12 months the fruit hangs on the tree, nearly twice as long as in other parts of Australia. That’s what makes them so special.

The Delroy family, who grow these delicious Delcado avos in Western Australia’s stunning Pemberton region, live by the proverb all good things come to those who wait. And they know a thing or two about avos. Russell Delroy has been growing avocados for 30 years and, although still actively involved, his children now run the orchards with equal determination for the greatest taste and quality.

The Delroys use x-ray-like technology, known as near infrared, to scan each avocado 26 times inside and out. Seeing inside the avocados allows the Delroys to check for bruises, blemishes and even sunburn. Only the avocados that pass this toughest scrutiny become a Delcado. Importantly, no avocados go to waste. Those that don’t meet the grade are supplied to food service, weekend markets and manufacturing. Leftovers are fed to the marrons that live in the orchard’s freshwater dams – and they love them!

“Having worked together for over two decades Russell shares the same view about the importance of quality,” says David Harris of HFM. “Like us, he has the drive for the best flavour, taste and quality he can produce. This means we can provide exceptional fruit to our customers.”

With a large crop of high-quality fruit being grown this year, Delcados will be available at Harris Farm Markets from September to the end of summer, when most other avocados are imported from New Zealand and more recently from Chile.

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