Can You Feel The Love

Yes, we can! Because it’s so easy to love a beautiful flower arrangement. But you know, the container can play equally a leading role when you’re creative. So look here and see what the right can can do with clever accessorising – and fall in love!
By Market Magazine
On show above: Rhododendron, peony, clematis, dianthus, sweet pea and forget-me-not.

Take a look at your recycling with brand new eyes. Save a couple of big cans, strip them of their labels and add a touch of your own painted creativity. Or choose a paper you love and wrap the bottom half of the cans. Repeat with smaller cans, then group closely. Find a clever little accessory – who doesn’t adore the likes of a hippo – then be effusive and flamboyant with your arrangement using whatever you find in season.  

Who we are: hydrangea paniculata, pompom chrysanthemums, cosmos, Japanese anemone, seasonal berries and cornflower.

Search for a delightful old container hidden in your home – or indeed at Gran’s place or St Vinnies – and give it a showy new lease of life, as a conversation piece especially. Its quaintness welcomes a cosy little chair, or whatever oddity takes your fancy. Check the arrangement too, and ensure it hosts a stunning selection of bulbs and blossoms – casually, but stylishy, falling every which way.

Bloomin’ here: plum blossom, grape hyacinths, snowflakes, jasmine fritillaria and tulips.

Next time you pass, pop into a vintage store and check for a can or two just loaded with personality, especially for this purpose. And while you’re loving what you’re seeing as you look around, maybe find a conversation-worthy little stool. And you’re then on your way to an entertaining arrangement whatever gushing gorgeous blooms you choose. Add a small companion piece, then stand back and watch it all become star of your room.

In the can: roses, larkspurs, nigella, perennial phlox, sweet pea and potato vine.

Look what a pot can do! So anyone for coffee? Yes of course! And because you want the coffee pot and its related accessories – go find your sugar bowl and keep the pair together. What a lovely ‘coffee break’ to have in your kitchen as you are working. And in this instance, the bigger the blooms to fit the better. Go random with colours or match with your kitchen décor. Or, bring it to your dining table to accompany you serving coffee to your guests. They’ll love it.

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