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Marketmagazine.com.au is Australia’s news food and lifestyle brand, covering everything from growers all the way to what lands on your plate in a restaurant or your dinner table.

Our mission is to take the wonderful experience of Harris Farm markets into your homes and lives, rewarding our readers with new ideas, inspiration and information helping Australians turn what’s in their shopping basket into wonderful meals – seasonal, quick, simple, sophisticated, new.

It’s whatever the reader desires but all just delicious, with terrific tips as well. Every issue will make them happier cooks! But we love too, that Market Magazine keeps them healthy, takes them into the garden, onto the farms, traveling around and also entertains the kids.

Editorial Enquiries

If you are looking for coverage of a story, business or product that you think has a natural fit on our site, contact our editorial team here – editorial@marketmagazine.com.au. Editorial coverage is at the discretion of the editorial team.

Advertising Enquiries

If you are interested in advertising with us and are inquiring from a brand, media agency or PR agency, please get in touch at advertise@marketmagazine.com.au and one of our team will reach out.

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