A Little Help From Our Friends

It’s often city people supporting farmers in times of floods, fire and drought, but this time the tables were turned.
By Market Magazine

When news reached the farming community that people were struggling to put food on the table in Western Sydney during the long lockdown in winter, it was their time to lend a helping hand.

The bush telegraph

Generous farmers, supporters and partners, including Harris Farm Markets, united to send supplies to Thankful4Farmers, who created 300 packs filled with donated products and fresh produce for those struggling during lockdown. 

Regeneratively farmed gourmet potatoes were donated by Harris Farm for food packs.

Plenty to go around

Co-CEO Tristan Harris says Harris Farm was thrilled to be a part of the project driven by Thankful4Farmers. “We believe there is enough fresh food in Australia to go around,” he says. “And we hope our fruit and veg brings joy to these families.”

“Once in your life you need a  lawyer, a policeman, a preacher. Every single day, three times a day, you need a farmer.”

– Food industry author Brenda Schoepp

Paying it forward

Thankful4Farmers CEO Kim McDonnell says it is heartening to see so many producers jumping at the opportunity to support the city. “It really is touching and highlights the generosity of Australian farmers, the important work they do, and their gratitude to the city communities – who have helped them out in the tough times,” she says.

Thankful4Farmers CEO Kim McDonnell says farmers rushed in to help city folk during lockdown.

Harris Farm’s delicious new regeneratively farmed gourmet potatoes were also donated directly from the farm by Wentworth Hill. “During these tough times, those that have, need to help those that don’t,” says Wentworth. “Because that is what humanity is all about.” 

For more information, visit thankful4farmers.com.au

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