8 Little Acts Of Self-Care

Why they are more important now than ever. Self-care. It’s a super power. Trust us!
By Samantha Harrison

How’s your self-care game lately? We’re going to assume it’s been a long minute since you’ve given it much thought. We get it, though. Not much time to luxuriate in the tub, so to speak. But we’re talking about the kind of self-care that involves you putting yourself first. Only then can you carry on taking care of all those who matter to you and your life’s business in the way we know you really want to.

Where to begin?  

Normalise taking care of YOU. No biggie, just strike a balance between the whole mind, body and spirit thing. Simple! 

1. It starts with food

We know food is fuel and that it has the power to harm or heal. You can certainly travel a long way on substandard fuel – aka a crappy diet – but long-term, this is a bad idea. 

We don’t want to brag or anything, but Harris Farm Markets can totally help out here. Just stepping inside is an act of self-care in and of itself. It’s a visual feast; a glorious, kaleidoscopic riot of colour full of healthy promise. Come in, take your time, pick out your favourite fruit, veg and other goodies. Or, try something new and know that you’re doing yourself the power of good. (OK, yeah, you then have to cook it. Details!)

2. Move more

You might be tired of hearing this but have you actually tried it? Like all evangelists, we want to share the good news! Moving more is one of the most important things you can do for your mental health. As those feel-good exercise hormones kick in you can expect happier moods, less anxiety, better sleep, more energy and a sharper memory. It helps you become physically strong and flexible, too. It doesn’t matter HOW you move, it matters THAT you move. Do it as a fierce act of self-love for at least 30 minutes on most days.  

3. Drink more water

This should be an easy one yet many of us are chronically dehydrated. If you often feel blah but don’t know why, check your H2O levels. It helps to increase your water intake gradually rather than all at once.

4. Stay connected 

If iso taught us anything, it’s that we are not meant to be separated from each other. We crave and need the company of others. Never take this for granted. Spending time with people who get you, who have your back and who lift you up is an essential self-care pro tip. Make it happen. 

5. But also, sometimes, back away…   

Not everyone is good for you. Protect your peace and set boundaries around people whose vibe is off. In your heart, you know who they are. It can be easier said than done but simply becoming less available is a start. A good spring clean of ‘friends’ on your socials never hurts either.

6. Stop doom scrolling!

It’s a trap! The news, no matter how you consume it, can feel like an eternal black hole of despair. Don’t even start us on the comments sections. It’s the modern-day equivalent of the Wild West in there. Switch off notifications, put down the phone and turn off the telly. There, you feel better don’t you?

7. Slow down

Is there a race/fire/bear in hot pursuit and we missed the memo? No? Then take time to be still and quiet. The mistake is to think this is somehow lazy. It’s not! There is beauty and solace in occasionally doing nothing at all in perfect, blissful silence. 

8. Eat the damn choccie

Or whatever your divine treat of choice happens to be. The Lord did not maketh the cocoa bean only to have us simper, “Oh, no thanks, I’m on a diet.”

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